The Fair Lakes Crossing Home (FLC) Owners Association (HOA) Board of Directors (BoD) convened a regularly scheduled meeting via Zoom videoconference beginning at 7:05 PM on 10 August 2022.  The meeting and instructions for attending were posted on the HOA website calendar.   

Attendance:  4 of the 5 members of the FLC HOA Board were present: Kevin Nawroth (Treasurer), Rama Ghattu, Clarence Hunter, and Pete Mattes.  Mr. Ed Powell of the FLA community joined the Zoom meeting.

The agenda for the meeting included four topics:

  • BoD election prep
  • Status of the FLC tot lot mulch replacement
  • Architecture Review Committee (ARC) issues
  • Status of parking spot line painting
  • Other topics were brought up for discussion at the meeting.

Board Action:

  1. The first item brought for discussion was presented by Mr. Ed Powell, a homeowner in the FLC community.  Mr. Powell has had his downspout runoff channeled under his yard away from his house.  However, the out spout location is now draining into his neighbor’s yard.  Mr. Powell explained the situation and asked the BoD if he could re-dig the out spout location onto FLC HOA administered land that is behind his property when the outflow would no longer impact his neighbor’s property.  The BoD discussed this and asked Mr. Hunter to contact the ARC to see if there is any precedent to this being done and whether the HOA guidelines would allow it.
  2. The Board then discussed the status of the mulch replacement for the FLC tot lot on Marshall Crown.  The mulch contract was signed in July and, as of 10 August, no action had resulted.  Mr. Nawroth will contact Capital Management Company (CMC) to get the plan for the mulch being replaced.
  3. Regarding the line painting in the townhome sections of FLC, Mr. Hunter reported that the Marshall Crown segment had the lines painted this summer and that the Kearns Ct. residents are awaiting their lot being painted.  There is a plan to do so being worked between the residents and CMC; no action required.
  4. Mr. Hunter brought up the first ARC topic of tree trimming in the neighborhood on HOA administered land.  Requests have been made from homeowners for the HOA to trim trees that are in need.  The Board discussed the issue and recommends that the ARC conduct a survey of the HOA administered land in FLC and determine what tree trimming needs to be done and make a consolidated list in order to get a better price from tree contractors.  The BoD asked Mr. Hunter to contact Mr. Ferguson of the Architecture Review Committee to discuss for ARC action.
  5. The second ARC topic was the growth of bamboo on HOA administered lands.  Mr. Hunter brought up the point that the bamboo has been addressed in the short term, but that remediation would need to be reconsidered by the Board when it regrows later this year.  No action required.
  6. The final topic for discuss was the upcoming FLC HOA Board of Directors elections to be held NLT 1 October 2022.  Given the amount of time remaining to conduct the elections, the BoD discussed the location needed for them.  Mr. Ghattu will locate a venue for the elections and work with Mr. Ganji (BoD President) to establish the date and make a reservation for the HOA.  The BoD also requested an update on the status of the election preparations between the BoD and CMC.  Mr. Mattes will contact Mr. Ganji to request that he provide the BoD with a status update via email.
  7. The final topic brought up by Mr. Powell was attendance at BoD meetings by the management company.   In his experience on a previous HOA BoD, Mr. Powell stated that their management company rep attended all BoD meetings and deal with issues as they arose.  The BoD unanimously agreed that a CMC rep would be invited to the FLC HOA BoD meetings beginning in September.
  8. With no further business proposed, the BoD members moved to adjourn the meeting.  The BoD adjourned at 7:50  PM.  The next BoD meeting will be on 14 September.  Whether in person or by Zoom, the meeting will be announced to the community to allow participation by any interested homeowners.