Our Board of Directors consists of five members elected during the annual homeowners’ meeting. Terms on the Board are generally three years. Once the Board is formed, the individual officer positions are filled by a vote of the Board members at their first meeting.

The current Board of Directors are:

  • Kevin Nawroth, President. Term expires 2023
  • Ed Powell, Vice President. Term expires 2023
  • Paul Harley, Treasurer. Term expires 2023
  • Clarence Hunter. Term expires 2023
  • TBD

Fair Lakes Crossing is managed by Capitol Management Corporation and comments or enquiries can be sent to Peyton Harris III at peyton@capitolmanagementcorp.net or he can be called at 703-934-5200, ext 12.

The Board is responsible for managing the affairs of the Homeowners’ Association. Duties include:

  • Preparing the Association’s annual budget
  • Fixing maintenance assessments
  • Ensuring maintenance of the Common Areas
  • Securing hazard and liability insurance on Association property
  • Adopting and publishing rules and regulations governing the use of Common Area and facilities
  • Appointing committees as needed
  • Employing a property manager and vendors as appropriate

Board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month and are open to all home owners. The date, time and place of meetings will be posted in the table below. All actions taken during the meetings are tracked on the HOA Board Action Items page.

The HOA board meetings are held virtually via Zoom. The Zoom meeting details are available in the meeting details on the HOA Event Calendar page.

8 March 20237:00 PMTBD
8 February 20237:00 PM•  Action item review
•  January 2023 financial statement
•  CD Transfer
•  Line painting in front of townhomes
•  Bamboo trees
•  Community walkthrough
•  Neighborhood Cleanup
11 Janunary 20237:00 PM•  2023 budget
•  Community survey
•  tree removal
•  Letter to homeowners
•  Parking enforcement
•  Transfer of CD signatures
14 December 20227:00 PM•  New HOA board members
•  2023 budget
•  Tree removal
•  Property survey
•  new ARC members
•  Letter to homeowners
30 November 20227:00 PMCancelled
9 November 20227:00 PMPostponed to 30 Nov
12 October 20227:00 PM• VDOT I-66 easement settlement
• FLC HOA BoD Bank Signature transition
• HOA Parking Painting
• BoD election prep
• HOA Tree Removal
20 September 20228:00 PMSpecial Meeting
• VDOT I-66 easement settlement
• HOA Board Elections
14 September 20227:00 PM• BoD election prep
• VDOT I-66 easement settlement.
• Tree Removal
• Tot Lot Mulch Status
• Guidelines & Standards Document Update
• CMC Contract Renewal
10 Aug 20227:00 PM• BoD election prep
• Status of the FLC tot lot mulch replacement
• ARC issues
• Status of parking spot line painting
13 July 20227:00 PM• Architecture Review Committee (ARC) issues
• BoD elections
• Tot lot trash
• Trees encroaching on properties
• Speeding on Marshall Crown Rd
8 June 20227:00 PMNo meeting
11 May 20227:00 PM
23 April 20227:00 PM• Reserve Study implementation
• Landscape Contract renewal
• Parking spot marking in townhouse parking areas
• Tot lot maintenance
• I-66 VDOT parcel offer
• Speed limit sign damage on Marshall Crown
• Neighborhood cleanup and yard sale
• BoD elections
9 March 20227:00 PM• FLC HOA Reserve Study
• Neighborhood Appearance Updates
• Landscaping Contract Renewal
9 February 20227:00 PM• Reserve Study
• Neighborhood Appearance Updates
• Landscaping Contract Renewal
• FLC HOA BoD Elections
11 January 20227:00 PM• Reserve Study ProposalsLink
8 December 20217:00 PM
10 November 20217:00 PM
13 October 20217:00 PM
8 September 20217:00 PM
11 August 20217:00 PM
8 July 20217:00 PM
9 June 20217:00 PM• 4747 Cochrane Pl. non-compliance with HOA guidelines
• Tree and bamboo removal vic 14432 Emerich Ct.
• ARC Topics (Common Area, Solar Panel request, BoD process)
• Status of BoD elections
• Status of the I66 Soundwall replacement
• Snake report from neighborhood cleanup (14 May)
• FLC tennis court proposal recommendation
• Consideration of BoD meetings in person
• HOA Dues Delinquencies
12 May 20217:00 PM• Neighborhood Cleanup Status
• Tree removal near 13342 Emeric Ct
• Invite ARC to next Board Meeting;
• Removing bamboo from HOA common grounds
• Adding bicycle racks near bus stops
• Adding community trash cans
5 May 20217:00 PMSpecial Topic Board Meeting
• Storm damage to13342 Emeric Court
14 April 20217:00 PM• FLC Annual Neighborhood Cleanup
• Status of the I-66 Soundwall Replacement
• Removal of Dead Trees within the HOA-common spaces
• New Landscaping Contractor Performance
• Update on tennis court plan.
10 March 20217:00 PMMeeting cancelled due to board schedule conflicts
10 February 20217:00 PM• Disposition of the VDOT request for an easement
• Transition of bank signature card
• HOA Landscaping contract
• Removal of Dead Trees within the HOA-common spaces in FLC
• Update on tennis court plan
• ARC issue
• Neighborhood cleanup
• HOA BoD election prep planning.
13 January 20217:00 PM• VDOT I-66 easement agreement
• Removal of Dead Trees within common spaces
16 December 20207:00 PM• Dead Tree Removal - action item reviewLink
9 December 20207:00 PM• VDOT I-66 project easement
• Dead Tree Removal
16 November 20207:00PM• Snow Removal Contract
• Dead Tree Removal
22 October 20207:30 PM• VDOT I-66 project easementLink
16 September 20207:30 PM• VDOT I-66 project easement agreement status
• Architectural Review Committee (ARC) business items
31 August 20207:00 PM• VDOT I-66 project easement agreement status
• Architectural Review Committee (ARC) business items
6 August 20207:30 PM• Architectural Review Committee (ARC) business items
• ARC guideline change proposals
• ARC vacancy
• Boardmember terms