The Fair Lakes Crossing Home (FLC) Owners Association (HOA) Board of Directors (BoD) convened via Zoom videoconference beginning at 7:10 PM on 16 November 2020 to take up matters requiring attention. 

Attendance:  5 of the 5 members of the FLC HOA Board were present: Ajay Ganji (President), Kevin Nawroth, Rama Ghattu, Clarence Hunter, and Pete Mattes. 

Two items composed the agenda:  (1) Consideration of the Winter Snow Removal Contract; (2) Removal of Dead Trees within the HOA-administered common spaces in FLC.

Board Action:

  1. The first topic of discussion for the HOA BoD was consideration of a contract for removal of snow from FLC streets during the upcoming winter of 2020-21.  Capitol Management Corporation (CMC) provided two bids on the FLC contract, one from Snowmovers and the other from Shenandoah.  Shenandoah provided snow removal last year in FLC.  The Board discussed the details of the proposals.  After considering the contents of each proposal, Mr. Ganji recommended that, based on previous good performance for FLC, the BoD should select Shenandoah for another winter.  The BoD unanimously approved the recommendation.  Mr. Nawroth will contact CMC in order to get the contract in place.
  2. The next topic before the BoD brought up for consideration by the Board was the removal of dead trees that present hazards from HOA-administered land in FLC.  CMC has proposed an arborist (The Greenery) to the Board who would work for a flat rate of $2600/day to remove trees.  Mr. Nawroth has had initial discussions with the contractor and CMC on the topic.  He will follow up with both to request an estimate on the job required to remove hazards from the FLC HOA common areas and report back to the Board NLT the next BoD meeting.
  3. Having completed the agenda items, the Board considered what topics the BoD should take up from future consideration.  Multiple Board members mentioned that the BoD has previously considered the idea of financing multi-purpose courts in the FLC HOA area.  The Board has previously discussed the topic of tennis/multi-purpose courts and will review the previous research at a future BoD meeting.  Mr. Mattes will locate any previous studies commissioned by the BoD on this idea and distribute to the members.
  4. The members then discussed how the Board proceedings can be made more accessible to the remainder of our neighbors in FLC.  Mr. Nawroth stated that all BoD meeting minutes are now being posted on the HOA website, which he has made great efforts to bring up-to-date.  The minutes from all BoD meetings since August 2020 are now publically accessible for all to review.  The Board members discussed making the BoD meetings regularly scheduled in order to advertise their occurrence in an effort to allow other neighbors to participate, likely by Zoom teleconferencing for the foreseeable future under the Covid-19 restrictions.  The motion was made that the BoD establish a regular meeting date of the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7 PM.  The members unanimously approved. 
  5. Mr. Nawroth brought up the question of how the documents of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) and any others related to HOA business are maintained and updated.  In his update to the FLC HOA website, he has incorporated changes from .pdf material into new, more comprehensive documents (such as the ARC neighborhood standards).  Mr. Nawroth will contact CMC to confirm what steps must be completed when the BoD votes to make changes to existing guidance.
  6. Mr. Ganji continues to work with CMC and VDOT on the status of the BoD request for VDOT to indemnify the FLC HOA BoD for liability related to easements being considered in support of the I66 project.  Mr. Ganji will contact Ms. Molly Peacock (FLC HOA BoD legal advisor), CMC, and VDOT to determine the VDOT stand and report results to the next BoD meeting.
  7. No further business was conducted.  The BoD adjourned at 8:15 PM.