The Fair Lakes Crossing Home Owners Association Board of Directors convened via Zoom conferencing at 7:30 PM on 6 August 2020 to take up matters requiring attention. 

Attendance:  5 of the 5 members of the FLC HOA Board were present: Ajay Ganji (President), Clarence Hunter, Rama Ghattu, Kevin Nawroth, and Pete Mattes.

Four items composed the opening agenda:  (1) Architectural Review Committee (ARC) business items; (2) ARC guideline change proposals; (3) ARC vacancy; and (4) Boardmember terms.

Board Action:

  1. ARC Business: The Board considered violations that the ARC has identified related to the property of Mr. Kambham.  The ARC has provided Mr. Kambham notice on two occasions of the violations without any remediation on the homeowner’s part.  The ARC recommends that Mr. Kambham be provided one final notice of violation and be informed that failing to make needed changes to achieve compliance with neighborhood architectural guidelines will result in action by the Board.  Mr. Kambham has contacted Mr. Ganji indicating intent to comply.  Mr. Ganji proposed that the Board allow Mr. Kambham to put together a point-by-point remediation plan with associated timeline to meet the ARC requirements in a timely manner and provide the plan to the Board no later than Friday 14 August 2020.  The Board unanimously approved the motion.
  2. ARC guideline change proposals:  The ARC provided input to the Board recommending three changes to the ARC neighborhood architectural guidelines.  Summary and action:
    1. ARC recommends that Trex be added as an acceptable material for use in building of decks.  The Board approved unanimously.
    2. ARC recommends that the limit of 3’ be removed from the guidelines for privacy screens/walls.  The Board approved unanimously.
    3. The ARC recommended that limits on shed sizes be increased to accommodate a current request based on a homeowner’s medical needs.  The Board disapproved the request to make permanent changes to the shed size in ARC guidelines.  Instead, the Board unanimously approved making a medical exception to shed size limits for the Virdi family in FLC, allowing them to construct a shed on their property of dimensions required to support their medical necessity.
  3. ARC vacancy:  Mr. Ganji made a motion to nominate Sarrander ________ to the Architectural Review Committee to fill the current vacancy.  The Board unanimously approved the nomination and Sarrander ______________ will take the position as the third of three members of the ARC.  The Board considered a motion to expand the ARC to five members.  This motion was disapproved.
  4. FLC HOA Board elections:  The terms of Mr. Ganji, Mr. Hunter and Mr. Mattes expire in 2020.  Given the current situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions on large group gatherings, Mr. Ganji has consulted with the CMC management and the FLC HOA legal representative about the possibility of extending the expiring terms for one year to allow for an election to be held by the HOA.  To avoid conflicts of interest, the proposal was put before the two Board members whose terms do not expire in 2020, Mr. Ghattu and Mr. Nawroth.  Both supported the extension of the terms of the other three Board members in light of the extenuating circumstances.
  5. Non-agenda business taken up:
    1. Replacement of trash cans:  Mr. Ghattu brought up that many homeowners had indicated to him that unserviceable trash cans need replacement.  Mr. Ganji will contact the trash contractor and report back to the board at the next meeting on how to address this issue.
    2. Replacement of mail boxes at HOA expense: Mr. Ghatto brought up that many homeowners had expressed a desire to standardize/replace all mailboxes in the neighborhood at HOA expense.  The Board voted not to support this motion.
    3. Mr. Nowroth indicated that he will take action to renew the domain name for the FLC HOA website prior to its expiration by the next Board meeting.
    4. Certificate of Deposit signature cards:  Mr. Ganji brought up that the change to signature cards allowing current Board membership to transact HOA business related to Certificates of Deposit has not been accomplished.  Mr. Ganji will develop a plan to execute this and report back to the Board at the next Board meeting.
  6. Mr. Hunter made a motion that the Board schedule meetings at a regular interval to address recurring business.  The motion was made to schedule FLC HOA Board meetings every 3 weeks.  The Board unanimously approved the motion.
  7. No further business was conducted.
  8. The next FLC HOA Board meeting will be conducted via Zoom conferencing at 7:30 PM on Thursday 27 August 2020.