The Fair Lakes Crossing Home (FLC) Owners Association (HOA) Board of Directors (BoD) convened a regularly scheduled meeting via Zoom videoconference beginning at 7:08 PM on 9 June 2021.    

Attendance:  4 of the 5 members of the FLC HOA Board were present: Ajay Ganji (President), Kevin Nawroth, Clarence Hunter, and Pete Mattes.  Mr. Thatcher Furgeson from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) and one community member attended.

The agenda for the meeting included:

  • Situation with homeowner at 4747 Cochrane Pl. regarding non-compliance with HOA guidelines
  • Tree and bamboo removal vic 14432 Emerich Ct.
  • ARC Topics (Common Area Maintenance, Solar Panel request for 5106 Bebe Ct, & ARC findings follow-through process for BoD)
  • Status of BoD elections
  • Status of the I66 Soundwall replacement
  • Snake report from neighborhood cleanup (14 May)
  • FLC tennis court proposal recommendation
  • Consideration of BoD meetings in person
  • HOA Dues Delinquencies

Board Action:

  1. 4747 Cochrane Place: The BoD and the ARC have been made aware that the homeowner at 4747 Cochrane Pl has made numerous changes to the property that are outside of FLC HOA guidelines and not approved by the ARC and the BoD.  Some of the changes may have occurred on HOA-administered common property.  Mr. Ganji contacted Capital Management Company (CMC) in May regarding the report for action concerning these violations.  The BoD is not aware that CMC has taken action to date.  The BoD endorsed Mr. Ganji following up with CMC by Thursday 10 June to determine status of the action to be taken with the owner.  Mr. Ganji will report back to the BoD with CMC’s action plan no later than the 14 July BoD meeting.
  2. Tree and bamboo removal vic 14432 Emerich Ct:  Mr. Hunter provided an update to the BoD concerning the removal of trees behind the residence at 14432 Emerich Ct. on HOA-administered land that were a danger to the property per previous BoD discussion (May BoD Minutes).  Mr. Hunter reported that the dangerous trees had been cut down, but they remained in the area behind the residence.  In addition, bamboo in the same area remains and needs to addressed per previous discussions of it as a predatory plant.  Mr. Ganji will request CMC take action to remove the tree body and assess the bamboo situation and report back to the BoD no later than the 14 July meeting.
  3. ARC Topics:
    • Common Area Maintenance:  Mr. Furgeson (ARC) has concerns that the HOA Common Areas are not being well maintained.  Specifically, he cited patches with extensive weed or bare spot problems in grassy areas.  This follows concerns raised by Mr. Hunter about lack of trimming by the landscape contractor (April BoD Minutes).  The FLC HOA has a new contractor for landscaping this year and, based on these initial reports, the BoD members are concerned about his performance.  Mr. Furgeson will provide Mr. Hunter with photos of the areas in question.  Mr. Hunter will communicate the BoD’s concern to CMC NLT the end of June for CMC to take up the issue with the contractor.
    • 5106 Bebe Ct. Solar Panels Installation:  The homeowner at 5106 Bebe Ct. has submitted a request through the ARC to install solar panels on his house on the front of the roof.  This is against FLC HOA guidelines and the homeowner is requesting an exception to install the panels.  The BoD agreed without objection to rejecting this request.  However, the ARC and BoD note that Virginia statute allows for the homeowner to provide to the BoD evidence from a certified source of cost or reduced performance of the system to emplace on the back of the roof.  Under the statute, the HOA guideline is superseded.  Mr. Furgeson will communicate the BoD position and requirements under VA statute to the homeowner NLT end of June.
    • ARC Finding Follow Through:  The BoD and Mr. Furgeson discussed what the interaction of the BoD and the ARC needs to be to ensure follow-through on ARC actions.  The ARC can identify deficiencies, but requires BoD approval for all follow-through actions.  At present, there are several ARC-noted deficiencies requiring the BoD to take action.  Mr. Mattes proposed that the ARC put together a listing of the issues needing BoD attention and bring them as the primary agenda item at the 14 July BoD meeting.  Mr. Furgeson felt this was a reasonable solution.  The BoD voted unanimously to approve brining the ARC issues in for BoD action at the 14 July meeting.  The ARC will provide the list to the BoD in advance of the meeting for their prior review.
  4.  BoD Elections:  The BoD discussed the fact that Board elections need to occur given the extension of BoD memberships due to the COVID pandemic.  The BoD will agree at the 14 July meeting on timing for the elections so CMC can begin their preparations.
  5. At this point, BoD members needed to end the session based on previous commitments.  The BoD members agreed without objection to move the remaining agenda items to the 14 July meeting.  The BoD adjourned at 8:20 PM.