The Fair Lakes Crossing (FLC) Homeowners Association (HOA) Board of Directors (BoD) convened a meeting beginning at 7:07 PM on 9 February 2023. These minutes were submitted by Kevin Nawroth, Board President.

Attendance:  4 of the 5 members of the FLC HOA Board were present: Kevin Nawroth (President), Paul Harley (Treasurer), Ed Powell, and Clarence Hunter. 

The agenda for the meeting included the following topics:

  • Action item review
  • January 2023 financial statement
  • CD Transfer
  • Line painting in front of townhomes
  • Bamboo trees
  • Community walkthrough
  • Neighborhood Cleanup

Board Action:

  1. The meeting started with a review of open action items.  See HOA Board Action Items page for the current status.
  2. The board reviewed the financial statement for January 2023.
  3. CD Transfer: Mr. Harley discussed the status of transferring the management of the CDs to the HOA president, Mr. Nawroth, and the HOA Treasurer, Mr. Harley.  The HOA Board unanimously approved in a 4-0 vote to transfer the signatories on the CDs to Mr. Nawroth and Mr. Harley.
  4. Line Painting in front of the townhomes.  Mr. Hunter brought up the ongoing issue of the discrepancy between the line painting jobs in front of the townhomes.  Mr. Nawroth took the action to follow up with CMC to get this addressed.
  5. Bamboo Trees: Mr. Hunter pointed out that the bamboo growing behind the homes on Emeric Court needs to be cut.  Mr. Nawroth took the action to inform CMC to work with the landscaping company to address the concern.
  6. Community walkthrough: The Board agreed to have the community walkthrough on March 31.  Mr. Nawroth took the action to inform CMC and have Mr. Peyton Harris participate as well as the ARC and landscaping contractor.
    • One particular area of concern is the drainage between the homes on Cochran Place and Scotch Run Court.
    • Mr. Nawroth took the action to invite Mr. Harris to the March board meeting to coordinate the plans for the walkthrough.
  7. Neighborhood Cleanup:  The board discussed planning a neighborhood cleanup in the late April or early May timeframe.  Mrs. Lan Choi graciously offered to form a planning committee for the event.
  8. With no other topics, the meeting was adjourned at 7:49 PM.