The Fair Lakes Crossing (FLC) Homeowners Association (HOA) Board of Directors (BoD) convened a meeting beginning at 7:09 PM on 14 December 2022. These minutes were approved by the BoD.     

Attendance:  4 of the 5 members of the FLC HOA Board were present: Kevin Nawroth (President), Paul Harley (Treasurer), Ed Powell, and Clarence Hunter. 

The agenda for the meeting included the following topics: New HOA board members, 2023 budget, Tree removal, property survey, new ARC members, letter to homeowners.

Board Action:

  1. The president, Mr. Nawroth, led with the introduction of two new board members: Ed Powell and Paul Harley.  They replaced outgoing board members Mr. Ajay Ganji and Mr. Pete Mattes.
  2. The board voted unanimously to approve Paul Harley as the new treasurer.
  3. The board discussed the proposed 2023 budget and determined that the HOA dues will remain the same for 2023.  The 2023 budget will be posted to the website following a thorough review by the new treasurer.
  4. Tree removal: The board discussed several tree removal actions
  5. Need to transfer bank signatures from Mr. Ganji to Mr. Nawroth.  Mr. Nawroth has the action to follow up with CMC and Mr. Ganji to complete the transfer.
  6. Property survey: A property survey needs to be conducted with CMC to identify all the work that needs to be addressed.  This includes all potential tree hazards, common area maintenance, tot lot, etc.  Mr. Nawroth took the action to find a date to conduct the survey.
  7. Panel Truck on Kearns Court: Residents have voiced concern regarding a panel truck parked on Kearns Court.  The police have ticketed it so it moved to a different location on Kearns.  Mr. Hunter took the action to contact CMC to have the police follow up on this issue.
  8. New ARC member: Mary O’Neill was suggested by outgoing ARC member Lan Choi. 
  9. Letter to Homeowners: The board discussed sending a letter to homeowners to remind them of street parking concerns, speeding in the neighborhood, and obeying stop signs.  This is particularly important during the winter months.