The Fair Lakes Crossing Home (FLC) Owners Association (HOA) Board of Directors (BoD) convened a special meeting via Zoom videoconference beginning at 8:10 PM on 20 September 2022 to discuss two topics not resolved at the 14 September regularly scheduled meeting.  The meeting and instructions for attending were posted on the HOA website calendar.   

Attendance:  5 of the 5 members of the FLC HOA Board were present: Ajay Ganji (President), Rama Ghattu, Kevin Nawroth (Treasurer), Clarence Hunter, and Pete Mattes.

The agenda for the meeting included two topics:

  1. BoD election prep
  2. VDOT I-66 easement settlement.

Board Action:

  1. FLC HOA BoD Elections Prep:  The BoD members discussed the state of planning for the elections to replace 3 of the 5 BoD members. Mr. Ganji discussed his interactions with Capitol Management Company (CMC) to conduct elections.  CMC is reviewing the requirements for conducting the election and will provide details back to Mr. Ganji no later than 4:00 PM on 21 September.  Mr. Ganji will provide those details to all the BoD members.  Mr. Mattes brought up that the BoD should establish some outlines for how it wants the election to take place.  The BoD decided unanimously that the election be held as part of an annual meeting and accompanying party.  The BoD then unanimously approved a date of 29 October for planning and a limit of up to $1500 from budgeted funds to support the event.  Mr. Ghattu will lead the planning for the preparations for the annual meeting in conjunction with the social committee.
  2. VDOT I-66 Easement Settlement:  The BoD took up the topic of the offer of $4000 to settle a request from VDOT for a permanent easement in support of the I-66 project that is on FLC HOA BoD administered property.  The BoD previously voted to accept this offer from VDOT.  However, the BoD’s legal advisor reviewed the proposal and wanted to BoD to be aware of potential BoD liability under the arrangement.  Her recommended options for the BoD to follow were:

    • Still go forward with this deal; appoint a director to sign off on the paperwork Vdot sent, look for $4,000 to be sent to FLC via Peyton
    • Decline the deal, respond appropriately to a forced taking by Vdot, this taking has already begun.
    • Engage in negotiations with Vdot, decide who will communicate with Vdot via its agent (Chris Carmony), in order to try to obtain an indemnification agreement and/or an understanding based on walking the site of whether/how disruptive Vdot’s ownership of the land will be

    The BoD discussed the options but felt that the BoD has liability risk on all HOA property which is covered by insurance the BoD carries and that the BoD felt it had taken similar, acceptable liability with the previous arrangement with VDOT settled in 2019.  The BoD unanimously decided to continue with the previous position of accepting the $4000 offer from VDOT.  Mr. Ganji will contact VDOT’s representative to inform him of the decision.

  3. Line Painting Disparities at Townhome residences:  Mr. Hunter brought up the topic of the unequal quality of work on the parking spot line painting for the townhomes on Marshall Crown Rd. vs. Kearns Ct.  The job at Marshall Crown was of good quality while the Kearns Ct. was poorly done.  Mr. Hunter will take pictures that demonstrate the difference in quality of work and will forward to Mr. Nawroth who will provide to CMC for their action to correct the situation.
  4. Tree Removal Behind 5023 Veronica Rd:  The BoD discussed the matter of a request from the homeowner at 5023 Veronica Rd to have trees behind his house removed due to safety concerns.  CMC fielded the request, had the trees assessed by arborists, and recommended removal at BoD expense.  However, the BoD reviewed the properties and noted that the trees in question are not on FLC HOA BoD administered land.   Therefore, the BoD informed CMC that no further action to remove the trees should take place.  Mr. Mattes contacted CMC to ensure that CMC understands the BoD intent to only pay HOA funds for trees on HOA BoD administered property.
  5. Tree Overgrowing the Sidewalk on Veronica Road:  Mr. Ghattu brought up the matter that a tree growing on HOA BoD administered land is growing over the sidewalk and needs to be trimmed.  Mr. Ghattu and Mr. Hunter will assess the tree 24-25 September and report back to the BoD.
  6. BoD Funds Bank Signature Change:  Mr. Nawroth brought up the concern that he is currently unable to access funds to take action on behalf of the BoD because he is not on the signature card at the bank.  Mr. Ganji will contact CMC to correct this before the October meeting.
  7. With no further business proposed, the BoD members moved to adjourn the meeting.  The BoD adjourned at 9:08 PM.  The next scheduled BoD meeting will be on 12 October.  Whether in person or by Zoom, the meeting will be announced to the community to allow participation by any interested homeowners.