The Fair Lakes Crossing Home (FLC) Owners Association (HOA) Board of Directors (BoD) convened a meeting via teleconference beginning at 7:25 PM on 12 October 2022.  The meeting and instructions for attending were posted on the HOA website calendar.   

Attendance:  3 of the 5 members of the FLC HOA Board were present: Ajay Ganji (President), Clarence Hunter, and Pete Mattes.  Two members of the FLC HOA Architectural Review Committee (ARC) were present: Ms. Lan Choi and Mr. Fletcher Ferguson.

The agenda for the meeting included five topics:

  • VDOT I-66 easement settlement
  • FLC HOA BoD Bank Signature transition
  • HOA Parking Painting
  • BoD election prep
  • HOA Tree Removal.

Board Action:

  1. VDOT I-66 Settlement:  Mr. Ganji reported to the BoD members present that the VDOT representative delivered the check for $4000 to him.  Mr. Ganji is working with CMC and the FLC HOA legal advisor to deposit the funds into an FLC HOA account in order to close this action prior to the November HOA BoD meeting.
  2. FLC HOA Bank Signature Transition:  The FLC HOA bank access signature requires transition to Mr. Nawroth in order for him to execute duties as Treasurer.  Mr. Ganji will contact CMC to correct this before the November HOA BoD meeting.
  3.  Line Painting Disparities at Townhome residences:  Mr. Hunter brought up the the unequal quality of work on the parking spot line painting for the townhomes on Marshall Crown Rd. vs. Kearns Ct.  The job at Marshall Crown was of good quality while the Kearns Ct. was poorly done.  Mr. Nawroth will work with CMC for their action to correct the situation.
  4. FLC HOA BoD Elections and Annual Meeting/Party Prep:  The BoD members discussed the state of planning for the elections to replace 3 of the 5 BoD members. Mr. Ganji discussed his interactions with Capitol Management Company (CMC) to conduct elections.  CMC will provide notice to the community about the Annual Meeting and accompanying elections for the HOA BoD.  The members present discussed the plan developed at the September meeting (See September meeting notes).  The BoD members present unanimously supported a start time of 2 PM for the Annual Mtg/Party and elections to be held between 3:30-4:30 PM on 29 October.  Ms. Choi indicated that she could help with the planning but had not received any notice prior to the BoD meeting.  The BoD members present provided her with the details approved at the September BoD meeting.  She will work with Mr. Ghattu, Mr. Ganji, and others to put together details for the event. 
  5. FLC HOA Tree Removal:  Mr. Hunter brought up to the BoD the matter of getting ahead of tree removal before the winter and doing so in a comprehensive manner to address problems community-wide to get best value for the HOA.  Mr. Hunter and Mr. Ferguson had initial discussions during the meeting and will continue their discussions off-line and bring back ideas to the November BoD meeting.
  6. With no further business proposed, the BoD members moved to adjourn the meeting.  The BoD adjourned at 8:05 PM.  The next scheduled BoD meeting will be on 9 November.  Whether in person or by Zoom, the meeting will be announced to the community to allow participation by any interested homeowners.