The Fair Lakes Crossing (FLC) Homeowners Association (HOA) Board of Directors (BoD) convened a meeting beginning at 7:04 PM on 11 January 2023. These minutes were approved by the BoD.

Attendance:  3 of the 5 members of the FLC HOA Board were present: Kevin Nawroth (President), Paul Harley (Treasurer), and Clarence Hunter. 

The agenda for the meeting included the following topics:

  • 2023 budget
  • Community survey
  • Tree removal
  • Letter to homeowners
  • Parking enforcement
  • Transfer of CD signatures

Board Action:

  1. 2023 Budget: The treasurer, Mr. Harley, provided a revised budget that closes based on the current dues.  This budget unanimously approved this budget.  Mr. Nawroth took the action to post it to the FLC HOA website.
  2. Community Survey: CMC has offered to walk the community to identify all areas of concern such as dead trees, tree trimming, common area maintenance/repair, and tot lot.  The board agreed to conduct this survey mid to late March 2023.  Mr. Nawroth took the action to follow up with CMC to plan a date and request that the landscaping contractor attend as well as other board members and ARC members.
  3. Tree Removal: The board discussed the dead tree removal request from 13326 Emeric Court.  Upon review of the Fairfax County property map, it’s clear that the trees of concern do not lie on HOA property.  Mr. Nawroth took the action to respond to CMC who will follow up with the homeowner.
  4. Letter to Homeowners: The board discussed sending a letter to homeowners to remind them of street parking concerns, speeding in the neighborhood, obeying stop signs, clearing snow from sidewalks, trash pick days, as well as a reminder of the HOA website and monthly meetings.  This is particularly important during the winter months. 
  5. Parking Enforcement: Thatcher Ferguson from the ARC has provided the HOA board the Fairfax County parking enforcement forms and documentation.  The board discussed these forms and Mr. Nawroth took the action to follow with CMC to submit these to Fairfax County police department.
  6. Transfer of CD Signatures: Mr. Harley took the action as the new treasurer to have the authorization signature transferred to him.  He will follow up with CMC to complete this transaction.
  7. Other topics:
    • An annual accomplishments letter was suggested to highlight the most significant items the board accomplished in the last year.
    • Mr. Nawroth suggested a new process to collect all actions captured in meeting minutes and put them in a separate action item table posted to the website.  This will increase board member accountability and provide transparency with the homeowners.  Open action items will be reviewed at the beginning of each board meeting.  A similar table may be created for key items being worked by the ARC.  Mr. Nawroth took the action to create these tables.
    • Mr. Nawroth took the action to have CMC fix the speed limit sign in front of 4997 Marshall Crown Road.
  8. With no other topics, the meeting was adjourned at 7:42 PM.