The Fair Lakes Crossing Home (FLC) Owners Association (HOA) Board of Directors (BoD) convened a regularly scheduled meeting via Zoom videoconference beginning at 7:10 PM on 11 January 2022.    

Attendance:  All 5 members of the FLC HOA Board were present: Ajay Ganji (President), Kevin Nawroth (Treasurer), Rama Ghattu, Clarence Hunter, and Pete Mattes. 

The agenda for the meeting was to discuss the proposals presented to the BoD by Capitol Management Company (CMC) to conduct an updated review of the HOA financial reserve planning.  Other topics were brought up for discussion at the meeting

Board Action:

  1. FLC HOA Reserve Study Proposals:  CMC had provided three proposals presented to the FLC HOA for review of the HOA financial reserve status.  As of 2019, HOA reserve studies are mandated by VA Statute.  The most recent FLC study was conducted in 2008 and needs to be updated.  Mr. Mattes quickly reviewed the three proposals.  The BoD discussed the strength of each proposal, highlighting the usefulness of each to the FLC HOA.  The BoD voted unanimously to select the proposal by PM+ Reserves to conduct the study.  The PM+ Reserve study will cost the HOA $3800 and provide an assessment of HOA properties and their maintenance over the coming decade and the suitability of the HOA financial reserves to meet that need.  Mr. Nawroth contacted CMC with the BoD’s choice to begin the process of notifying PM+ Reserves and initiating the study.
  2. FLC Snow Removal:  Mr. Hunter brought up the topic of snow removal in FLC in the wake of the recent snows the week of 3-7 January.  The first point was that, while much of the neighborhood’s sidewalk were cleared, some were not which is an impediment to access to school bus stops and the ability to get around the neighborhood on foot.  The BoD voted unanimously to ask CMC to put a reminder letter out to homeowners on their responsibilities to clear sidewalks in the event of snow.  Mr. Ganji will contact CMC with the request.  The BoD then discussed the performance of the snow removal contractor in light of the two snows.  Overall, the BoD felt that the contractor performed satisfactorily.
  3. Neighborhood Notice Display Box (Marshall Crown and Northbourne Rd)Mr. Hunter brought to the BoD attention the fact that there is currently no access to post notices on the FLC HOA notice board at the intersection of Marshall Crown and Northbourne.  The BoD voted unanimously to request CMC have a locksmith rectify this problem.  Mr. Ganji will contact CMC with the request.
  4. With no further business proposed, the BoD members moved to adjourn the meeting.  The BoD adjourned at 8:05 PM.  The next BoD meeting will be on 9 February.  The BoD anticipates meeting via HOA Zoom account given pandemic conditions.  The meeting will be posted on the HOA web calendar to allow participation by any interested members of the community.